About Us

The Humble Dandelion is an online shopping service that offers a variety of health and lifestyle products that are toxin-free, natural, organic, fair-trade and eco-friendly, to encourage a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Our aim is to sought products that are toxin-free and not harmful to your body or the environment that would be used in everyday living.  Our environment is full of toxic chemicals and pollutants, and our food is laced with ingredients that add a burden to our body and its detoxifiers.  Skincare products are no different - with ingredients you can hardly pronounce it is infiltrating our largest organ, our skin, and going through are circular system - depositing harmful chemicals and contributing to lifestyle diseases, such as auto-immunes, cancer, asthma and other chronic diseases.

By reducing this toxic load and consuming products that do not have harmful ingredients, we are assisting our bodies detoxify the necessary without putting an extra burden on it. 

This passion for being healthy and living a toxin-free life came when in 2013 I was diagnosed with a variety of auto-immune symptoms for which there was no cure from conventional medicine - I was told to plan my life and to get comfortable with the fact that I would end in a wheelchair in the following 3-5 years ....  This sounded like a death sentence, but it made me determined to find an alternative!  I ended up following the advice of functional medical doctors to a point where I spent most of my time researching natural medicine ... my life changed, my symptoms started to go away, I lost weight, I had energy again - I was enjoying life - and living it! 

I am happy to say that I am now studying a Bachelors of Health Science in Naturopathic Medicine - with a passion to help other people finding their way to a better and healthier living.

I hope that this will inspire you to make a lifestyle change and embrace life!  Get out of the sick-care mentality and into a health-care regime!


Cindy Ann